About Us

ewi recruits for government and private investment projects that fuel the world’s fastest growing and developing economies. Our clients are international consulting and contracting companies whose work spans the full range of infrastructure and development projects. Mainly Europe, Asia Pacific or Americas based, and with local offices in developing countries, they all operate globally, in fields that include engineering, consultancy, banking, finance, IT, ICT, architecture, international development, oil & gas, mining, supply chain, procurement & logistics and fleet & marine.

recruitment without borders

Ours is a truly global market because for our clients, what matters most is finding the best people, regardless of where they come from. And our candidates seek the best and most challenging roles in the sort of infrastructure projects that change lives, and change the world.

At the core of ewi is specialist international recruitment expertise. We have over 30 years’ experience search and selection for key professionals, internationally. What sets us apart is a global approach: where larger recruitment firms may focus on local offices that give them a narrow, local view, ewi takes a global perspective. We look right across the world to get the talent and the opportunities our clients and candidates need.

We have successfully worked with some of the world’s largest and most influential companies, servicing markets across the globe. We are proud of the experts we associate with and we have contributed to iconic structural, social and economic projects worldwide.

truly global

ewi’s first placement was a South African national working for a German consulting firm on a tunnel project in Beijing.

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